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SSX Launches its Revolutionary Solar Panel Trading Platform “WAPX”

JUNE 19, 2020

Until today small scale utility projects and C&I projects had either a very heavy or an opportunity-costing rigid supply chain due to limited resources at both Seller and Buyer sides.
WAPX offers a cost-effective way for solar energy companies to originate small to medium size sales, directly between the Seller and the Buyer.

The WAPX is a flexible and fuss-free deal origination interface that allows Members to interact and negotiate one-on-one in total privacy about the most essential trade terms. At WAPX, transparency reinforces security: WAPX is a Members-only platform where all Members have been vetted and where the full list of Members is available internally. As such, WAPX provides a straightforward and secure venue for Members to screen and identify counterparties who match essential terms of their requirements. The deal execution itself is then taken outside of the platform, and is to be organised and controlled directly by the matched counterparties.

WAPX also offers its Members a direct access to market spot prices by featuring the most recent Offers and Bids, as well as the most recent done deal prices.

Sakura Yamasaki, Founder and CEO of SSX says: “The solar industry has tremendously matured over the last few years, from a luxury and policy supported energy source to being a pillar of the energy transition process. It is in this context that we are very excited to launch WAPX.

WAPX will certainly contribute to a more agile and cost saving deal origination process and, in doing so, contribute to fast tracking the transition to a more solar based energy production worldwide.

SSX has been continuously working on the platform over the last few years and WAPX is the fruit of many iterations and adjustments. We truly hope to bring added value to the industry by cutting down the cost associated with the deal origination and negotiation process, as well as by delivering an effective and simple way to enlarge our Members’ pool of customers/suppliers.”

The launch is scheduled on 30th June 2020. Interested parties are invited to email (English, Japanese or French) or (English or Chinese).

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