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SSX Daily News BLAST - 06/08/2021

Upcoming National Holidays

Monday: Singapore, Japan, South Africa

Tuesday: Malaysia, Indonesia

Thursday: Thailand

Takeaways from the Hoshine WRO FAQs

De minimis rule; specific type of COO as evidence; etc.

Q CELLS, LG, Mission Solar join petition to extend solar panel tariffs

Xinte Energy and TBEA to issue 167M domestic shares to raise RMB2.297B

87.22% for construction of 100kt capacity expansion at Inner Mongolia Xinte, 12.78% for supplementary working capital at Xinjiang New Energy

LONGi’s modules selected for projects in Portugal and Denmark, following 477MW installation in Brazil’s Bahia State for Essentia Energia

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Trina to supply Brazil’s Futura 1 project with Vertex modules; 850Mwp in Phase 1

LG Energy recalls 10,000 lithium-ion storage batteries used in U.S. residential solar

Recalled model: LG Chem Model RESU 10H

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Tesla Megapack fire underscores heat surrounding utility batteries

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