WAPX Trading Platform

Zero commission

Verified participants

Fair competition environment

Direct access to your counterparty


The WAPX is a flexible and fuss-free deal origination interface that allows Members to interact and negotiate one-on-one in total privacy about the most essential trade terms. At WAPX, transparency reinforces security: WAPX is a Members-only platform where all Members have been vetted and where the full list of Members is available internally. As such, WAPX provides a straightforward and secure venue for Members to screen and identify counterparties who match essential terms of their requirements. The deal execution itself is then taken outside of the platform and is to be organised and controlled directly by the matched counterparties.


WAPX, an online solar material trading platform which provides the channel for small to medium solar project developers to have direct dialogue and RFQ with the world’s top-tier solar manufacturers.
A short video about EPC Buyer, Bob explores product from the new suppliers on WAPX.



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