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WAPX Online Solar Trading Platform

WAPX - A flexible and fuss-free buy/sell platform specialised in PV solar materials. Members list their offers or needs for PV cells, panels or inverters, and deal directly with their supplier/buyer.

As a Members-Only platform, all participants have been vetted.

Post your offers on WAPX with confidence.

We currently offer 0% commission and handling fee as a launching promotion.

RFQs and Biddings @ Your Fingertips!


Gain market share
in the untapped market

Expand supply
chain network

Solution for 

Private & Secured
Verified participants

Zero commission
Fair competition & Direct access to your counterparties

Become a Member Now

Choose your pricing plan

Basic Account


  • Maximum Five posts/month (Open offers or Open Bids/ RFQs)

  • ​One login ID per company

Standard Account

USD 500/year

  • Maximum Ten posts/month (Open offers or Open Bids/ RFQs)

  • ​Maximum Five login IDs per company

  • ​Quarterly report and data analytics

Premium Account

USD 2,000/year

  • Unlimited posts (Open offers or Open Bids/ RFQs)

  • Up to Ten login IDs per company

  • Quarterly report and data analytics​

  • One year free subscription of SSX Morning Ray Weekly Newsletter and Solar spot/ forward pricing report (worth USD 2000)

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I register on WAPX?
It’s very easy! You can register yourself online via SSX website .
Or you can email us and we will reply to you with the registration form.

2. How much does it cost to become a Member on WAPX?
Our Membership is very affordable so that many companies can join us! Please refer to our pricing plans.

3. Do I have to pay if I transact on WAPX?
No. There are ZERO transaction fees, no hidden fees.

4. I am an EPC. Why should I use WAPX?
For all the reasons below:

  • Save time: you get multiple manufacturers to respond to your RFQs in a short timeframe.

  • Decrease cost: make manufacturers compete with one another on your RFQ.

  • Enlarge your supply chain: get to know new manufacturers and their products.

  • Monitor the market: keep an eye on the latest market level in your region and beyond.

5. I am a manufacturer. Why should I use WAPX?
For a number of reasons:

  • Bid on RFQs for projects in your target region.

  • Market your new product to all the Member EPCs.

  • Monitor the market: keep an eye on the latest market level in your region and beyond.

6. What products are available on WAPX?
As of November 2020:

  • Solar panels

  • Solar cells

  • Inverters

7. Who are the other Members of WAPX?
Once you are a Member, you can view the names of all the other Member companies.
Members are divided in 4 categories:

  • Manufacturers

  • EPC/Developers

  • Distributors

  • Traders

8. If I have a deal on WAPX, do I buy from / sell to WAPX/SSX?
No, WAPX matches you with your counterparty (another Member).
But your contract and financial transaction will be directly with your counterparty. 

9. What does it mean to have a deal on WAPX? Is it binding?
WAPX matches Buyers and Seller of solar panels by facilitating the agreement on the terms of the trade.
Once you have been matched, you are put in touch directly with your counterparty via email, and the involvement of WAPX ends at that point.

You and your counterparty may then proceed to exchange PI and PO and any subsequent paperwork or processes necessary for the deal execution.

The deals on WAPX are not binding. WAPX merely facilitates the matching of Buyers and Sellers' interest. WAPX does not take any liability in unfulfilled terms of the deal.

10. What happens if the Buyer or the Seller later defaults?

Please proceed to deal with the situation as per your regular process.

WAPX will not have any liability nor get involved in the dispute resolution process.

However, we can provide a copy of the Trade Recapitulation Notice which contains the terms of the deal.

You can also inform WAPX about the default for our records purposes.


11. Who guarantees the products after purchase?

The guarantee/warranty of the products purchased through WAPX will be issued by the Seller.

WAPX does not act as guarantor of the products listed on its platform.

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