SSX Solar Index and Forward Curves
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20 November 2020 Updates

SSI Spot Index

SSX Polysilicon Forward Curve

SSX Modules Forward Curve

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With more than 9 years of publications, SSX Morning Ray - Solar Spot & Forward Pricing Report continue to support our subscribers by providing them with critical information for organizations to better plan and strategize their Go To Market approach or even used to improve their operations and supply chain activities.

What makes SSX Morning Ray different:


  • SSX Spot Price Index & Forward Pricing data collected from actual deals and real offers with 4 key indicators: Current Price, 1 Week/ 1 Month/ 3 Months forward pricing.

  • Balanced Pool of supply and demand, our sources cover the whole value chain of the solar industry from Polysilicon Manufacturers to C&I/and Large Scale Solar IPPs worldwide.

  • Products include polysilicon, wafers, cells and modules

  • SSX Polysilicon Forward Pricing reflects CFR Asia and China Domestic Market polysilicon indices based on industry players’ market sentiment.

  • SSX Modules Forward Pricing publication for mono and multi modules indices is from the market of China, India, S.E.A, U.S.A, Europe and Rest of the World.

  • Also unique to SSX is the SSX Chinese Modules Marker (CMM), which is an index for FOB China modules exports.

  • RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) Spot Price Report: The first report in the industry that gathering the RECs prices from the key markets around the world.

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On top of the weekly reports, we also send out periodically executed market sentiment snapshots (industry survey on technology, pricing, policies, regional demands, etc.). 

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