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#12: Força Brasil!

To kick off the year and in the spirit of some borders reopening to international travel, we ventured slightly farther from home...and ended up all the way in South America.

We had a chat with Wladimir Janousek, the Managing Director of JCS Consultoria e Servicos, a boutique consultancy firm based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Hi Wladimir! Could you tell us about your firm and its services?


JCS - Janousek Consulting Services – specializes in advisory and other services for the electro-electronic and renewable energy segments. We provide clients with solutions related to the management and improvement of industrial, commercial, and service operations and processes. Our consultancy services also extend to coordinating and conducting studies related to the solar PV energy market and its components.

Within our portfolio of services, we leverage on one of our firm’s differentiated expertise - our knowledge of the fiscal and tax areas for the solar PV segment by providing analyses, evaluations, and recommendations for optimizing tax chains.

Established by professionals with over 30 years of experience in the implementation and management of industrial, commercial, and service operations, JCS Consulting is a secure reference in the development and execution of projects and services. We are committed to providing our clients with access to industry-specific knowledge and experience that translates into a competitive advantage for them and their projects.

Not everyone in our audience may be aware that Brazil is fast becoming an inspiration to other countries in the region looking to develop PV solar domestically. Can you enlighten us on the solar PV market in Brazil? What do we need to know?


Here in Brazil, our solar PV market has made significant advances towards expansion, thanks to ANEEL’s regulations (Normative Resolutions 482/2012 and 687/2015) that have allowed consumers to be authorized to generate electricity from renewable sources or qualified cogeneration and direct any surplus to the distribution network within their locality.


According to projections by EPE (Energy Research Company), an agency linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy that prepares studies and research to support the planning of the energy sector, even if regulatory changes were implemented in the model that is currently in force, the competitiveness of the photovoltaic solar source in micro and mini distributed generation projects would be preserved, with the real internal rate of return (IRR) on investments remaining attractive for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

In the study prepared by EPE, distributed generation projects, with generation by consumer units, could reach significant numbers by 2030:
Installed power: from 16.8 to 24.5GW
Projected investments: from BRL 50 to BRL 70 billion reais
Number of consumer units: 2 to 3 million UCs
Participation in national electrical demand: from 3.2% to 4.2% of the total energy load

According to the monitoring conducted by ANEEL, the National Electric Energy Agency, by December 2021 Brazil surpassed the mark 8.53GW of installed power in micro and mini distributed electricity generation, including hydraulic, wind, solar and thermal sources.

Among the electricity generation sources that make up the matrix of micro and mini generators, solar PV accounted for more than 97.7% of installed power, with 8.33GW in more than 753 thousand installations in residential, commercial, and industrial consumer units.


Despite the significant advancement in the adoption of solar PV in commercial and residential installations, the number of consumer units with PV systems corresponds to less than 1% of the total energy distribution installations in the country, which has more than 89 million consumers and potential units for expanding the use of PV sources.

Screenshot 2022-01-18 at 3.58.04 PM.png

In centralized generation projects, solar PV energy reached 4.63GW in operating power. According to the acts granted for energy generation projects, there are still 3.76GW of projects under construction and 26.45GW with construction not started, which will inject another 30.21GW of photovoltaic solar energy into the national generation matrix.

Although consolidated data confirm the impressive advance of solar PV energy in Brazil in the last 3 years, the country has not yet explored the full potential of renewable sources, with immense potential for its expansion. In 2021, total installations including Distributed and Utility scale projects reached 12.9 GW, above any projections.

Screenshot 2022-01-18 at 3.59.19 PM.png

Brazil is one of the countries with the greatest diversification in its energy generation sources, with the participation of water, natural gas, wind, nuclear, biomass and solar matrices.

Even so, the participation of solar energy in the composition of the Brazilian electricity matrix is just over 2.5%, with an immense potential to increase this percentage, due to the characteristics of the national territory and extremely favorable conditions for the adoption of this generation source in larger scale. The race for renewable energy has just begun...

Screenshot 2022-01-18 at 4.01.52 PM.png

Following the evolution of ANEEL's resolutions that enabled the growth of solar PV in the country, the Legal Framework for Distributed Generation (PL 5829/2019) approved by the Legislature is awaiting presidential approval and will provide the transition rules to ensure the necessary legal certainty for net metering policies and consumer investments.

The growth projections for solar PV in Brazil in 2022 remain high, even with the challenges of supply chain disruptions and the increase in costs due to international freight and foreign exchange rates. In 2021, we saw 4.74GW installed. The growth trend should continue, not only due to insecurities in supply and the high energy costs charged by distributors, but mainly due to the popularization of the adoption of solar technology in all consumer segments.

For more information about solar and renewables consultancy in Brazil, you may wish to contact Wladimir and his team at:


JCS Consultoria e Serviços

Should you have any feedback and/or comments, OR if you wish to contribute, please write to us at We hope you have enjoyed the read!


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