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#13: HJT and the Quest for Higher Efficiency

We had a chat with Vasiliy Shikin, Head of Export Sales at Hevel LLC.

A producer of high-efficiency Heterojunction (HJT) cells and modules in Europe with an annual production capacity of 340MW, Hevel also operates grid-connected PV stations in Russia and Kazakhstan while providing EPC services for utility-scale plants.

Hello, Vasiliy! Thank you for taking the time to be our Expert this week.
First of all, could you tell us about your company, Hevel and what you do in the PV industry?


Hevel Group is the leading industrial-scale cell-to-module manufacturer of HJT products in Europe, with more than 10-year history in the market. With the launch of the mass production of HJT technology in 2017, we became one of the pioneers in this segment, and now we among a few companies in the market who can supply big volume of HJT stably. The current cell efficiency in mass production is around 24%, and we are planning to overcome 24.5% shortly. Moreover, we are running a growing power production business, with around 1.3 GW of solar parks in operation in various parts of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Hevel has been one of the pioneers of HJT cell and module producers. Could you tell us what were the main reasons that motivated Hevel’s choice of technology?


Our company entered the solar market as a thin-film manufacturer, but moving forward we decided to upgrade our manufacturing facility to launch the industrial production of HJT. It became a great leap forward for us, as we managed to more than double the efficiency of our PV modules.

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Image: Hevel

Now we understand that it was a visionary decision, as we did not waste time on standard p-type monocrystalline technologies, which have currently reached their limit in terms of efficiency. As a result, as of now we boast one of the longest track record in the industrial production of HJT and implementation of this technology for commercial projects, including utility-scale SPPs, hybrid projects, rooftops as well as niche applications such as BIPV, VIPV and Agrivoltaics.

HJT outperforms mass-market PV in terms of efficiency and the gap is expected to keep on growing in the upcoming years. Among other features, which make HJT such an outstanding technology, are perfect performance under low light conditions and lower degradation. In addition to that, HJT boasts the highest bifaciality factor in the market and has an extremely low temperature coefficient.

Recently, there have been many new and existing companies making announcements on HJT production capacity expansions. How do you see HJT technology evolving within the next 5 years and how does Hevel intend to compete with the newcomers?

That is true, more players have announced their plans to enter HJT. However, launching a new HJT facility is not an easy task. Still, the growing interest towards our technology proves that we have chosen the right direction.

What sets Hevel apart from other players in this segment besides the rich experience in industrial production of HJT, we have a variety of solutions based on HJT technology. We supplies globally both cells and modules. In addition, to that we offer our customers tailor-made solutions based on HJT. For instance, last year we provided customized HJT modules designed for rooftop and ground-mounted vertical installations which allow to maximize benefits of HJT higher bifaciality.

Hevel also has the peculiarity of being a rare Russian PV manufacturer. Is Russia one of your main markets? How is the Russian PV market evolving?

For many years, we were focused on tapping on the domestic market and we still enjoy an abundant orders pipeline there.

However, as the interest for HJT is rapidly growing in the global market, our geography of shipment is also expanding. Now, we have customers from CIS, the EU countries and the United States. As for the APAC region, we ship our product to customers from Japan, the Philippines, India and other markets.

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For more information about HJT products and processes, you may wish to contact Vasiliy at:


Vasiliy Shikin
Head, Export Sales
Email: overseas@hevelsolar.com

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