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SSX Daily News Blast - 30/03/2022

China polysilicon up again WoW ~0.65%

Mono chip @ RMB249.8/Kg, up by 0.64% WoW.

Mono chunk @ RMB247.5/Kg, up by 0.69% WoW.

CNNC 6~7.5GW tender shortlists candidates; N type averages $0.269/wp


440-460W monofi ¥1.8($0.25)/wp; bifi ¥1.8186($0.253)/wp

535-560W monofi ¥1.8201($0.253)/wp; bifi ¥1.8415($0.256)/wp

>585W monofi ¥1.831($0.255)/wp; bifi ¥1.8483($0.257)/wp

N type >555w bifi dual glass ¥1.9298($0.269)wp

In Jan & Feb 2022, China produced approx 110kt of polysilicon; average price of mono-chunk @ ¥233/kg (Jan) and @ ¥240/kg (Feb)

Wafers: about 40GW produced, 5.1GW exported; average price of mono M6 wafer @ ¥5.05/pc (Jan) and @ ¥5.30/pc (Feb)

Cells: about 39.5GW produced; average price of mono PERC M6 cells @ ¥1.06/wp (Jan) and @ ¥1.09/wp (Feb)

Modules: total 21.9GW exported in Jan and Feb

Haoge's 600MW module factory starts production

Phase 2 (3 module lines + cell production) to start in 2H2022.

End 2023: 2GW module and cell production capacity.

Jiangxi seeking interested parties to invest in 10GW HJT PV cells & modules project

LONGi’s HJT cells hit efficiency levels out of the ballpark with 25.47%

JinkoSolar wins module delivery race, reaches 100GW milestone

Maxeon not giving up on U.S. solar manufacturing hub

Maersk warns of delays and surging costs to supply chains from Shanghai lockdown

Upcoming National Holidays

Friday: India

Monday: China, Taiwan, Pakistan

Tuesday: China, Taiwan

Next week Wednesday: Thailand

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