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SSX Daily News BLAST - 29/11/2021

Motech plans cells expansion: 15MW to 200MW of TOPCon

Chinese cell manufacturers operating rate at 60.09% end Nov, up about 23% from 49% in mid Oct

Shanghai Tianyang to invest RMB2.1B in two EVA projects

The first phase will produce 150 million square meters of solar encapsulation film.

The total construction period should not exceed 3 years.

Luoyang Glass to invest RMB1.18B in glass production

The project is to build a 1200t/d glass production line and five deep processing production lines.

The total construction period of the project is expected to be 16 months

Adani on track to raise output to 3.5 GW by Dec'21

To reach 3.5GW by end of Dec'21, from current 1.5GW.

Singapore’s PacificLight Power partners Medco Power Indonesia, Gallant Venture to import solar energy from Indonesian island

Masdar to build Armenia’s largest solar plant

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Myanmar

Tuesday: Philippines

Wednesday: UAE

Thursday: UAE

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