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SSX Daily News BLAST - 29/10/2021

Akcome, Gaoce to establish N-type joint wafer lab

Goal: gradually implement the cost reduction of HJT N-type large-size wafers from 150μm to 120μm and 90μm

JA Solar takes US DOC to court

or this:

Groundbreaking ceremony for 2GW solar/storage (part of the 100GW announced at COP15)

28th Oct: groundbreaking ceremony in Gobi Desert

800MW China Resources

300MW Shangdong Haihua

250MW Guoyang New Energy

etc. have been alloted investment space.

To be completed before end 2023.

No surprise as US solar panel imports drop 27% in Q3

California pauses mandatory battery requirement on PV projects

Oil giants execs refute claims against industry disseminating falsehoods on climate change

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Turkey

Monday: Most of Europe and Latam, Russia, South Africa, India (Karnataka, Haryana)

Tuesday: Russia

Wednesday: Japan, Russia, India (Karnataka)

Thursday: Russia, India, Malaysia, Singapore

Next week Friday: Russia, India

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