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SSX Daily News Blast - 29/03/2022

LONGi raises wafer prices in latest round

182mm mono wafer @ ¥6.86/pc, +0.59% from 13 Apr; +1.39% from 25 Mar

166mm mono wafer @ ¥5.72/pc, +3.06% from 25 Mar; and

158.75mm mono wafer @ ¥5.52/pc, +3.18% from 25 Mar.

Tongwei raises M6 and M10 cell prices

Previous price revision was on 14 April

166mm mono cells @ ¥1.14/wp, +0.88% (+RMB0.01/wp);

182mm mono cells @ ¥1.18/wp, +0.85% (+RMB0.01/wp); and

210mm mono cells @ ¥1.17/wp, unchanged.

Das Solar N-type cell and module prices flat MoM

Mono N-type 182mm bifacial cells (mainstream efficiency > 24.5%) @¥1.25/wp ($0.177/wp);

Mono N-type 182mm bifacial double-glass modules (mainstream power > 550W) @¥2.03/wp ($0.287/wp).

The previous price update was 31 Mar.

Trina to increase cell capa from 35GW to 50GW and module capa from 50GW to 65GW by end 2022

2021 total module shipment @ 24.8GW, >16GW of 210mm modules

2022 module shipment target @ 43GW,

2021he company produced 18.783GW of cells, and its cell capacity reached 35GW and modules capacity reached 50GW. Modules' capacity for 210mm jumped to 35GW.

Gaoce to increase wafer capa @Jianhu (Phase II) in Jiangsu from 10GW to 12GW

Total investment estimated @ ¥631M and construction scheduled to start in 2023, lasting 12 months.

Jinko’s Q1 shipment tops 8.39 GW (+56.7% YoY), made up of 8.03GW modules + 359MW wafers and cells

By end 2021, Jinko’s capacity of wafers, cells and modules @ 40GW, 40GW and 50GW respectively.

Company anticipates estimated shipments of 8.5~9.5GW in Q2 and 35GW~40GW in the full year of 2022.

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Jinko hit by loss in Q12022 despite record 2021 shipments

Germany launches 1.12GW tender for utility scale solar, deadline on 1 June

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Japan, Bangladesh

Monday: China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, South Africa, Spain, UK

Tuesday: China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Turkey, Poland

Wednesday: China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Turkey

Thursday: Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Bangladesh

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