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SSX Daily News BLAST - 27/10/2021

Flatglass purchases 2 mines to secure quartz supply

Aiko shipped 5GW of cells in Q3, bringing its total shipment for Q1-Q3 to 13.3GW

LONGi’s commercial-size HJT(M6) solar cell’s conversion efficiency reaches 26.30%

Breakthrough marks the second time Longi has broken record in a week.

India added 8.8 GW of solar in first nine months of 2021

Solaria announces initial favorable ruling in patent dispute with Canadian Solar

ITC issued an initial determination finding that CSI may have violated two U.S. patents covering Solaria’s shingled photovoltaic panels.

Trina 'PV Train' launched

Transporting 20MW of Trina modules to Qinghai.

Upcoming National Holidays

Friday: Turkey

Monday: Most of Europe and Latam, Russia, South Africa, India (Karnataka, Haryana)

Tuesday: Russia

Wednesday: Japan, Russia, India (Karnataka)

Next week Thursday: Russia, India, Malaysia, Singapore

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