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SSX Daily News Blast - 27/05/2022

LONGi sets up subsidiary Ordos LONGi Silicon in Inner Mongolia

No production details disclosed yet, but subject of speculation if this signals LONGi’s move into the polysilicon arena.

REC Silicon to restart Moses Lake production in 4Q23

expect to reach full capacity utilization during 2024

Zhonghuan targets 180GW of wafer capacity

52GW of wafers shipped in 2021: 22GW of G12, 30GW of M6 + M10.

By end Q1 2022, Mono wafer capacity raised to 95GW (72% were G12). 14.5GW of wafers shipped in Q1 2022.

Module capacity to reach 13GW by 2022.

Q Cells to expand module production by 1.4GW at new US facility

construction to begin in 3Q22

Canadian Solar to accelerate upstream capacity expansion plan in 2022

  • Wafer production capa to grow from 11.5GW to 20GW per year;

  • Cell production capa to grow from 13.9GW to 19.8GW per year; and

  • Module production capa to grow from 23.9GW to 27.9GW per year.

SolarEdge Opens 2GWh New Battery Cell Facility in South Korea

Denmark’s Better Energy partners Forus for 1GW of solar in Finland

US Democrats signal support for controversial federal solar panel probe

Upcoming National Holidays

Monday: USA

Wednesday: Indonesia

Thursday: UK, Italy

Next week Friday: China, Taiwan, UK, Thailand