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SSX Daily News Blast - 27/01/2022

China Silicon Index wafer prices up WoW

M6 +1.35%

M10 +1.78%

G12 +9.59%

Boost in demand from India. Supply disruption from Qinghai earthquake early Jan.

Wafer operating rates up.

Jan output 23.4GW (up 24.5% MoM).

Demand in Feb expected to remain strong.

State Power 4.5GW module tender average price >¥1.9 ($0.265)/wp

Module specs cover 166mm, 182mm, 210mm and N-type modules.

Average price of each division:

200MW of 166mm mono-facial 450W+ @ ¥1.9 ($0.265)/wp;

100MW of 166mm bifacial 445W+ @ ¥1.928 ($0.269)/wp;

2GW of 182mm mono-facial 540W+ @ ¥1.91 ($0.266)/wp;

1GW of 182mm bifacial 540W+ @ ¥1.938 ($0.27)/wp;

500MW of 210mm mono-facial 590W+ @ ¥1.924 ($0.268)/wp;

500 MW of 210mm bifacial 590W+ @ ¥1.937 ($0.27)/wp; and

200MW of N-type size ≥182mm bifacial 555W+ @ ¥2.079 ($0.29)/wp.

Bid prices show overall increase compared to previous tender results from Three Gorges, State Grid, China Nuclear’s module procurement tenders.

DMEGC plans 2.5GW module plant in Jiangsu

Target for project completion and operation is within 7 months after construction starts.

US Congress introduces COMPETES Act of 2022 to allocate $3 bil for domestic solar manufacturing

ING forecasts strong 12% growth in European solar installations in 2022, outpacing wind

Upcoming National Holidays

Monday: China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea

Tuesday: China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea

Wednesday: China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nepal

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