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SSX Daily News BLAST - 26/10/2021

China NEA: Q1~Q3 2021 saw 25.55GW installed

Distributed PV projects account for 64.2% of the total.

GCL Poly H1 results: RMB2.4B profit

GCL-Poly in March this year after GCL-Poly announced its new strategic layout: in-depth focus on the main business of silicon materials and focus on the granular silicon business.

Monthly output of GCL polysilicon materials (including Jiangsu Zhongneng and Xinjiang GCL) has exceeded 9,000 tons.

A rare form of quartz is key to Xinjiang’s solar boom, and almost all of it is in the US

Jinyang New Energy (ex-Baofeng) invests in additional 20GW wafer capa in Xuzhou

Jinyang Xuzhou's expected maximum capacity will closely follow LONGi, Zhonghuan and Jinko, and it is expected to become the top five suppliers of mono wafers.

JYT starts production at 10GW wafer plant

Shuangliang to supply 2.1 billion pieces of M10 mono wafers to Aiko from Jan 2022 to Dec 2024

2022: 0.3 billion, 2023: 0.8 billion, 2024: 1 billion.

Shangji to supply 0.78 billion of mono wafers to Aiko from Nov 2021 to Dec 2023

2021: 0.06 billion, 2022: 0.36 billion, 2023: 0.36 billion.

Seraphim Yingshang 4GW module production starts

2 expansion sites in Anhui: Yingshang 4GW + Jinzai 10GW

Talesun Suqian 4GW (phase I) module production starts

Once completed, total 12GW/yr.

The plant includes production of aluminium frame, and ribbon.

Researchers from UNIST achieved an efficiency of 25.8%, a world record for perovskite solar cell

UNIST has previously worked with EPFL to achieve an efficiency of 25.6%

Singapore to launch standards for renewable energy certificates

Sembcorp Industries to build large-scale integrated solar+storage on nearby Indonesian islands

Proposed 1GWp solar power generation to support local BBK region and Singapore

Sunseap looking to develop 7GWp solar farm in Indonesia’s Riau islands

Upcoming National Holidays

Friday: Turkey

Next week Monday: Most of Europe and Latam, Russia, South Africa, India (Karnataka, Haryana)

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