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SSX Daily News Blast - 25/02/2022

CITIC Construction Investment: China's PV installed capacity in Jan 2022 >7GW, +200%YoY

Distributed PV @ 4.5GW, up 250% YoY; ground-mounted PV @ 2.5GW, up 150% YoY.

Sinopec shortlists 4 companies for 361MW module tender in Xinjiang, bids average @ ¥2.3275/wp incl cost of brackets

No. 1: Risen @ ¥2.219/wp

No. 2: Chint @ ¥2.27/wp

No.3: Trina @ ¥2.299/wp

No. 4: Eging @ ¥2.522/wp

Since cost of brackets is ¥0.3~0.4/wp, actual bid price for the 650W+ modules is about ¥1.9($0.266)~2($0.28)/wp.

Shortlisted candidates are 210mm or compatible-size module enterprises.

The exact time of delivery was not disclosed.

CSG restarts engine on 10kt polysilicon plant in Hubei aft 3-year stoppage

Initial ¥2 bil investment with additional ¥200M boost slated in 2022 for this project.

CSG is planning to invest ¥4.5 bil in Xiaoting District for high-purity polysilicon, wafers, ultra-thin electronic glass.

Shangji Automation to invest in 100kt polysilicon plant

¥6 bil in 2 projects in Inner Mongolia: 150kt high-purity metal silicon, and 100kt polysilicon

Phase 1 targets 80kt high-purity metal silicon and 50kt high-purity polysilicon project.

Projects aimed at providing stable source of polysilicon for Shangji’s 30GW mono wafer production.

Silfab Solar appoints new CEO, Rob Jessen

UK flexible solar module maker Power Roll kicks off production

Lightsource BP looks to Asia for solar opportunities as part of 25GW solar target by 2025

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Philippines

Monday: Taiwan, Indonesia, Latin America/Caribbean (Carnival)

Tuesday: South Korea, India, Malaysia, UAE, Latin American/Caribbean (Carnival)

Thursday: Indonesia

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