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SSX Daily News Blast - 23/03/2022

China polysilicon prices up WoW

  • Mono chip @ ¥248.2/kg, +0.16% WoW; and

  • Mono chunk @ ¥245.8/kg, +0.20% WoW.

Shandong Electric Power sees average ¥1.883($0.262)/wp for 182mm bifacial

  • Div 1: 300MW of 182mm mono-facial ≥540Wp modules Bid prices @ ¥1.81~1.92/Wp, average @ ¥1.8595($0.258)/wp

  • Div 2: 100MW of 210mm mono-facial ≥590Wp modules Bid prices @ ¥1.834~1.94/Wp, average @ ¥1.8726($0.26)/Wp

  • Div 3: 150MW of 182mm bifacial ≥540Wp modules Bid prices @ ¥1.834~1.94/Wp, average @ ¥1.883($0.262)/Wp

  • Division 4: 200MW, 210mm bifacial ≥590Wp modules Bid prices @ ¥1.865~1.97/Wp, average @ ¥1.898($0.264)/Wp

  • Div 5: 100MW of 166mm mono-facial ≥450Wp modules Bid prices @ ¥1.808~1.91/Wp, average @ ¥1.843($0.256)/Wp

  • Div 6: 100MW of 166mm bifacial ≥445Wp modules Bid prices @ ¥1.832~1.94/Wp, average @ ¥1.8698($0.26)/Wp

China Southern Power Grid 500MW tender sees winning range ¥1.857-1.876($0.258-0.261)/wp

Jinko and Longi winners.

Delivery March-June.

Talesun and Zhongwei partner to build 5GW HJT cell + 5GW module production + 5GW agrivoltaic project in Hunan

The project is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: to build 3GW module + 1GW agrivoltaic farm

  • Phase 2: to build 2GW HJT cell + 2GW module + 1GW agrivoltaic farm in June 2023

  • Phase 3: to build 3GW HJT cell + 1GW agrivoltaic farm in 2024

PV glass industry forced to limit/reduce production and capacity expansion

High inventory levels, declining profits, fuel cost increase, and off-season market demand

At end Feb, there were 36 producers with a monthly output of 949kt (+41% YoY), with average inventory of about 21 days.

EVA prices up ~20% YtD

U.S. SPI Energy starts production of 450W/550W panels

Austria pumps in additional €250M for wind and solar in renewable push

Indonesia and Singapore collaborate on cross-border solar export framework

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