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SSX Daily News Blast - 23/02/2022

LONGi wafer prices up since last update on 27 Jan

  • G1 wafer up 1.94% (+ ¥0.1/pc)

  • M6 wafer up 1.87% (+ ¥0.1/pc)

  • M10 wafer up 1.88% (+ ¥0.12/pc)

CPIA forecasts 75-90GW of PV installations for China in 2022

Average 232-286GW of PV to be added annually for 2022~2025 worldwide; China to average 83-99GW annually.

Large-sized products will become mainstream, and N-type cells are expected to be mass-produced quickly.

2021 Polysilicon output @ 505kt (+28.8% YoY) and FBR market share up 1.3%;

2021 Wafer output @ 227GW (+40.7% YoY) and 182mm+210mm now has 45% market share;

2021 Cells output @ 198GW (+46.9% YoY); and

2021 Module output @ 182GW (+46.1% YoY).

Shanxi International Energy shortlists for 605MW module tender

No. 1: Canadian @¥1.849($0.258)/wp; and

No. 2: Trina @¥1.845($0.258)/wp.

mono-facial 182mm or 210mm modules, delivery 20 April~20 May 2022 in batches.

LG to shutter global solar business, cites cost and supply constraints

Heliogen getting California site ready to kick off module manufacturing in Q3 2022

LONGi to provide 800MW bifacial modules for Qatar’s first solar power plant

Trina to supply 40MW of N-type modules order to first N-Type project in the Middle East

GCL-Poly Energy to be renamed GCL-Poly Technology and fully focus on silicon-material technology

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Russia, Japan

Friday: Philippines

Monday: Taiwan, Indonesia, Latin America/Caribbean (Carnival)

Tuesday: South Korea, India, Malaysia, UAE, Latin American/Caribbean (Carnival)

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