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SSX Daily News BLAST - 22/10/2021

*China’s NEA: total installed solar power capacity approx. 280GW, up 24.6% YoY.

Jan-Aug 22.05GW; only 3.51GW added in Sep, down from July and Aug

China’s NEA issues guidelines for grid connection by power grid enterprises to ease power supply and achiece energy consumption targets

All power grid enterprises must take effective measures to ensure timely grid connection for wind power and PV power generation projects that are qualified for grid connection.

All power grid enterprises must prioritise power generation to realise the power generation of new energy projects, and further improve the power supply capacity of new energy.

Industry insiders believe that module prices are not at peak; RMB2.30/W might be inevitable

Solar panel prices up a quarter in 2 months

The price of solar panels is being quoted at over 28 to 32 cents per watt peak, compared to 26 cents before the crisis.

Turkish Kalyon PV will export solar panel

Kalyon PV Solar Panel Factory, which was established to meet the needs of the 1000 MW Karapınar Solar Power Plant, doubled its production capacity and started to sell to foreign markets.

Jolywood’s N-type TopCon cell achieves efficiency exceeding 25%

ISA, Bloomberg Philantrophies pledge to mobilize $1T in global solar investments by 2030

India, UK hoping to lead ambitious plans for a 140-country global solar grid

Hints of Chinese govt intervention takes heat off coal futures, index plummets for 3 consecutive days

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Thailand

Next week Friday: Turkey