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SSX Daily News Blast - 21/03/2022

Guangdong Energy 100MW tender draws average bid price of ¥1.866($0.259)/wp


No. 1: Jinko @ ¥1.92/wp

No. 2: Eging @ ¥1.80/wp

No. 3: LONGi @ ¥1.879/wp

Requires 182mm ≥535Wp bifacial modules or 210mm ≥540Wp bifacial modules

Delivery time: Sep to Nov 2022

Only one successful bidder to be selected for the project eventually.

SDIC Energy’s 472MW tender averages at ¥1.8848($0.262)/wp

Awards 6 bidders

No.1: Jinko @ ¥1.845/wp

No.2: Trina @ ¥1.902/wp

No.3: LONGi @ ¥1.883/wp

No.4: Risen @ ¥1.902/wp

No.5: Eging @ ¥1.875/wp

No.6: Suntech @ ¥1.902/wp

Tender consists of 2 projects (224.5MW, 247.726MW), requiring bifacial double-glass modules ≥540Wp.

Delivery time is 100 days (1H2022).

East Hope Ningxia New Energy breaks ground on poly to module facility in Ningxia

Phase1: Build production lines for 125kt polysilicon, 145kt metal silicon, 10GW slicing, 10GW cells, 25GW modules.

Baofeng breaks ground on poly to module facility in Suzhou

¥20 bil invested in Phase 1 construction for 50kt polysilicon, 2.5GW/year pulling ingot, 2.5GW/year slicing, 2.5GW/year cells and 2.5GW/year modules.

Jinko to construct 30GW ingot factory in Qinghai

Phase 1: build 20GW production line, target completion Apr 2022.

Remainder 10GW production line to be built in 2023~2024 according to the market demand.

Jinko to build 24GW module factory in Jiangxi

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Japan, South Africa

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