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SSX Daily News BLAST - 20/10/2021

China silicon prices almost flat WoW

+0.3% across all products

Mono Chip at RMB270/kg

Mono Chunk at RMB269/kg

Talesun president confirms profitability struggle with module prices at RMB2-2.1/w ($0.275-0.29/W)

Jinko switches on 32GW production line

16GW of Anhui Jinko's high-efficiency solar cells and

16GW of Feidong Jinko’s modules

Huawei awarded contract for world’s largest energy storage facility in Saudi Arabia

DIF Capital secures majority stake in global solar developer ib vogt

Solargiga reports 15.2% revenue growth YoY

Shipped 5.3GW of ingot/wafer/modules so far in 2021.

"Tongwei" Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train set off again

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Indonesia, Bangladesh

Friday: Thailand

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