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SSX Daily News Blast - 18/05/2022

China Polysilicon flat WoW after 17 consecutive weeks of price increase

Mono Chip ¥261.1/kg

Mono Chunk ¥258.7/kg

China National Coal’s 650MW module tender. 120MW of 182mm BiFi average ¥1.955/Wp

  • Div 1: 170MW, 540Wp+ 182mm modules @ ¥1.898~2.002/Wp, average bid @ ¥1.94/Wp;

  • Div 2: 120MW, 540Wp+ 182mm BiFi single-glass modules @ ¥1.91~1.999/Wp, average bid @ ¥1.955/Wp; and

  • Div 3: 325MW, 640Wp+ 210mm BiFi single-glass modules @ ¥1.92~2.036/Wp, average bid @ ¥1.957/Wp.

Delivery of 182mm modules: mid-June to mid-July

Delivery of 210mm modules: according to purchase order

Three Gorges awards 410MW tender. 239MW of BiFI dual glass 540W awarded to DAS Solar @ ¥1.89/Wp

  • Div 1: 239.02MW, P-type 540Wp+ BiFi dual-glass modules, won by DAS Solar @ ¥1.89/Wp;

  • Div 2: 37.2788MW, P-type 540Wp+ BiFi dual-glass modules, won by LONGi @ ¥1.92/Wp;

  • Div 3: 130MW, P/N-type 550Wp+ BiFi dual-glass modules, won by LONGi @ ¥1.921/Wp; and

  • Div 4: 4.0824MW, P-type 540Wp+ MonoFi single-glass modules, won by LONGi @ ¥1.881/Wp.

No specific delivery time disclosed.

Hengtai’s 8.4MW tender shortlists Canadian @ ¥1.92/Wp and Akcome @ ¥1.88/Wp

Mono PERC 540Wp/545Wp/550Wp modules

No.1: Canadian @ ¥1.92/Wp, and

No.2: Akcome @ ¥1.88/Wp.

Trina retains #2 shipment position in Q1

RWE issues $2.1 bn green bond in pursuit of solar and wind

Upcoming National Holidays

Thursday: Turkey, Cambodia

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