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SSX Daily News Blast - 18/04/2022

Average bid price of modules from Jan~March @ ¥1.854($0.258)/wp

  • Highest bids were seen in CGN’s 128MW module procurement tender which Jinko won @ ¥2/wp.

  • Lowest bids drawn in Guodian’s 50MW module procurement tender, won by Haitai New @ ¥1.75/wp.

CGN Guangyi’s 21MW N-type module tender draws average bid of ¥2.13($0.296)/wp

6 enterprises participated in the tender, with bids ranging @ ¥1.984/wp ~ ¥2.285/wp.

21.5MWP double-sided double-glass N-type mono modules with 555Wp power.

Delivery date is 1H2022 (subject to project notice).

TBEA’s annual polysilicon production capacity @ 66kt

Xinjiang upgrading to be completed and put into operation this Apr, pushing Xinjiang's production capacity to 100kt/year.

Inner Mongolia project is expected to be fully operational this Sept, with a production capacity of 100kt/year.

Zhundong project to start production in 2023~2024. By then, TBEA's total production capacity to reach 400kt/year.

Hoshine to build production facility for 3M tons of ultra-thin, high-transmittance PV glass, with 9.6kt daily capacity

Project scheduled to be put into production in June 2023.

Mubang to acquire wafer/ingot company Hao'an

¥980M; Hoa'an to become a wholly-owned subsidiary

Upon completion, Mubang’s main business will boost the research and development, production and sales of solar wafers and ingots.

India’s Reliance to purchase 8 production lines of solar HJT cell production from Singapore Maxwell, @ 600MW/line totaling 4.8GW

Move signals Indian PV manufacturing entering HJT field.

China set to pull further ahead with record 140GW of solar and wind installations this year

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, UK

Thursday: Brazil

Next week Monday: Australia, NZ

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