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SSX Daily News Blast - 18/03/2022

Huadian’s 15GW module tender for 2022 requiring modules ≥530Wp sees ave bid price @ ¥1.8657($0.2596)/wp

5 winning bidders:

No.1: LONGi 5.5GW @ ¥1.876/wp

No.2: JA 4.5GW @ ¥1.869/wp

No.3: Huansheng 2.5GW @ ¥1.814/wp

No.4: Jinko 1.5GW @ ¥1.897/wp

No.5: Trina 1GW @ ¥1.877/wp

Specific delivery time was not disclosed.

N-type module reaches same IRR when at a ¥0.2/Wp premium to P-type module

GLPV’s calculation

Jietai to buy 648M pcs (±20%) Mono wafers from Shangji Mar 2022 ~ Mar 2025

assuming 182mm, the total volume is about 5GW.

Actual purchase price to be negotiated monthly.

Among them, 128M pcs Mar~Dec 2022, 240M pcs in 2023, 240M pcs in 2024, and 0.4M pcs in 2025.

Domestic EVA price has risen >20% in 2022 to ¥23,400/ton

Up >17% since March.

Caused by shortage of EVA capacity

Origis to buy 400MW of modules from Maxeon

India may split PLI scheme to include more players along PV supply chain

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: India

Monday: Japan, South Africa

Wednesday: Pakistan

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