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SSX Daily News Blast - 18/02/2022

Qinghai Lihao in Xining to start production of 200kt polysilicon in May/June 2022, 6 mths ahead of timeline

With a total ¥18bil investment, construction began in Jul 2021 and was completed in Dec 2021.

JYT signs ingot production equipment supply agreement with Qujing JA

¥540M [corresponds to about 1.5GW?]

Tianchen, Huasun in JV for HJT module company in 80% : 20% equity ratio

Tianchen: overall management and long-term financial security;

Huasun: technical, process and management support for production.

Huasun also to give priority for the supply of HJT cells to the JV.

COVID situation in Suzhou causing shipment delays for some PV manufacturers like backsheet/EVA manufacturer Cybrid Technologies

GCL HQ in Suzhou: currently no impact.

So far limited impact on inverter production.

Haiyuan Materials to complete first 600MW production line of HJT Cell in early July

Phase 1 targets 5GW; cost of cells is expected to be <¥1/wp with conversion efficiency of about 24.5%.

Saudi Arabia’s Bin Omairah to boost panel production from 150MW to 450MW

To extend export to Europe and Africa.

France installed 2.68GW of solar last year, 175% increase YoY

UK deployed 730MW of solar on a 34% growth YoY

Upcoming National Holidays

Monday: USA, Bangladesh

Wednesday: Russia, Japan

Next week Friday: Philippines