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SSX Daily News Blast - 18/01/2022

Shuangliang Baotou to sell 1,048M pcs mono wafers (incl 210mm and 182mm) to Tongwei for Jan 2022~Dec 2024

Parties to agree on expected annual delivery quantity and timeline 2 months before end of each year.

Huadian to invest ¥5B to build a renewable energy production base in Shanxi Province

Project includes 1GW PV module plants, energy storage of 100MW/200MWh, and supporting projects.

AM Solar switches on 1GW PV module production

Akcome’s Suzhou starts production at 1.2GW plant for 210mm module

210mm bifacial cells, half-cut, dual-glass, 55-pc-cells; power output can attain 555W. The efficiency of the module is 21.25%, and the power of future 66-pc-cells can reach 670W.

Eging to raise ¥1B for 5GW module plant in Changzhou, working capital, and repayments

Germany sees bid prices rise 6.76% from €0.069/kWh to €0.074/kWh in latest round of tender for rooftop solar

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Malaysia

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