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SSX Daily News Blast - 17/01/2022

LONGi raised wafer prices MoM on 16 Jan

G1 up 2.5% MoM

M6 up 2.4% MoM

M10 up 5.1% MoM

PV-Tech’s Top10 global module suppliers 2020 retained places in 2021

LONGi ranked first;

Trina Solar moves up to 2nd place

3rd~5th are JA, Jinko and Canadian

Risen, Suntech and Chint are among the top 10

7th is First Solar

9th is Q Cells (Hanwha Solutions)

DOJ appeals to bring back Section 201 bifacial exemption repeal

Kuznicki Law PLLC Announces Class Action on Behalf of Shareholders of First Solar

Iberdrola makes headway into UK market with $700M portfolio

Part of acquisition are PV arrays from Elgin Energy and Lightsource BP

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: USA, Sri Lanka

Tuesday: Malaysia

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