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SSX Daily News BLAST - 16/11/2021

Anti-Circ: not happening, but the initiating group may re-file again, says ROTH

China Central Budget to allocate RMB3.87B ($610M) for new energy electricity subsidies; PV gets RMB2.28B share

wind RMB1.55B


biomass RMB38.24M

Shuangliang to sell 0.95B pcs of M10 wafers to Longheng New Energy

from Jan 2022 to Dec 2024

2022: 0.15B pcs, 2023: 0.3B pcs, 2024: 0.5B pcs

Monthly price to be agreed by both parties.

Minimum qty to be shipped/bought every month: 80% of initial agreement.

Indian transformer manufacturer to set up 4 GW solar fab

Shirdi Sai Electricals, an Indian transformer manufacturer and EPC contractor

JINDAL INDIA SOLAR ENERGY LIMITED to set up manufacturing capacities for solar PV modules

From polysilicon to modules.

Total grant (over 5yrs): Rs1390cr ($187M)

China's Oct daily aluminium output falls to over one-year low

Q CELLS increases energy storage investment and acquires 190MW/380MWh battery energy storage project in Texas

Sungrow FPV, US Floating Solar partner to develop North American floating solar

Chile taps massive solar potential of Atacama Desert in plans to export PV power to China

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Mexico

Wednesday: Myanmar

Thursday: Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Morocco

Friday: India, Cambodia