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SSX Daily News Blast - 16/05/2022

May module tenders on the rise by about ¥0.05/wp MoM

As of 9th May, total tender volume 5.6GW.

Average price ¥1.894/wp

¥1.9/W has become a "friendship price"

21MW N-type module tender shortlists Jinko @¥2.06/wp and Solargiga @¥2.15/wp

CGN tender

Bifacial dual-glass N-type 555WP modules

No specific delivery time

265MW 535-545W module tender shortlisted average: ¥1.877/wp

183MW of BiFi dual glass

82MW of MonoFi single glass

No specific delivery time

Risen rolls off first 210 size module from Malaysia factory

GCL 100MW pervoskite cell factory completed

Mass production planned within 2022

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Singapore

Tuesday: Norway

Thursday: Turkey, Cambodia

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