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SSX Daily News Blast - 13/12/2021

Hoshine to invest RMB35.5 billion in Urumqi for construction of integrated PV production facility, including 200kt polysilicon

Construction to start March 2022, expected completion by 2024

Yunnan Tongwei’s 50kt poly plant started production

Trial production started 11th Dec.

Current total production capacity exceeds 180kt/yr.

Construction starts at Fuxing 20GW N+ Mono wafer production facility

Jiangsu Bitai New Energy to build HJT cell and module production line in Shaanxi

Phase 1, Dec 2021~Dec 2022: 1GW ultra-high efficiency HJT PV cell, 1GW PV module production line

Phase 2, June 2023~June 2024: 1GW ultra-high efficiency HJT PV cell production line

DAS Solar gets investment boost from investors Yongfu Stock and Linyang Energy to focus on R&D of new gen N-type cells and lightweight flexible modules

Capacity expansion from 10GW cells+10GW modules to 30GW cells+30GW modules

Huayang New Material to build 6 plants for total 21 GW of modules in 2022

TOPCon and mono PERC

Primarily engaged in coal mining

Some companies suspend production in Zhejiang, as China's Covid-19 cases rise

PV equipment maker Jingsheng among companies affected.

China Central Economic Work Conference: Newly added renewable energy raw material production can be excluded from the calculation of the total energy consumption control

Saudi’s Desert Technologies to supply modules to US market

Upcoming National Holidays

Thursday: Bangladesh, South Africa

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