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SSX Daily News BLAST - 12/11/2021

CGN New Energy 60MW module procurement tender winning bid at RMB2.13($0.295)/wp

Delivery by 30 Nov'21

Eging, Jinko and LONGi in first, second and third place with bidding prices of RMB2.13/W, RMB2.11/W and RMB2.15/W respectively.

GCL adds 20kt FBR production in Xuzhou, Jiangsu

New project triples GCL’s FBR production capacity from 10kt to 30kt.

LONGi eyes production expansion overseas, considers India, Saudi Arabia, US

Trina refunded USD175.6 M anti-subsidies and anti-dumping deposit

Deposit made since 2011; net profit in 2021 approx RMB150M after accrued interest.

DAS Solar to build 5GW PV module production line in Fujian Province

Jinzhai Jiayue New Energy, Hunan Red Sun in new strategic agreement

(1) Hunan to purchase >3GW cells from Jinzhai in 2022-2025 at preferential prices RMB0.01-0.02/W below market (2) Jinzhai Jiayue to purchase equipment for its Phase II project from Hunan.

Huasun and Maxwell (Maiwei) in strategic agreement to produce world’s first 25.5% HJT N-type cell 500 MW production line

Jinko kicks off N-type TOPCon module mass production, expecting 10GW in 2022

N-type TOPcon production to grow from 20-25% of Jinko's total production capacity in 2022 to >50% in 2023.

Jiangsu Xiuqiang Glasswork to construct smart glass and BIPV modules production lines

Upon completion, Jiangsu Xiuqiang will produce 500MW BIPV modules and 4.3 million pieces of intelligent glass annually.

Rusnano subsidiary Solartek debuts CIGS solar tiles with 15% efficiency

Upcoming National Holidays

Monday: Brazil

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