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SSX Daily News BLAST - 12/10/2021

Chinese NDRC further liberalises coal power prices, wef 15 Oct

*China port congestion falls sharply, trans-Pacific shipping rates retreat

Chinese container port congestion has dramatically declined over recent weeks, Chinese factories are being plagued by power outages that constrain export capacity, and U.S. consumer sentiment is faltering.

China average operating rates: Tier-1/2/3 cell factories 43.53%, Tier-1/2 module factories 46.44%

One user mentioned indefinite factory closure from 23 Sept while another confirmed LONGi reduced module production rate.

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group’s 247.74MW module tender results for 540W modules, delivery within Nov

No.1: LONGi @RMB1.823/wp

No.2: Changzhou Eging @RMB1.883/wp

No.3: Risen @RMB1.879/wp

China Guangdong Hydropower's 150MW module tender for 540W modules, delivery 4Q21

Jinko at RMB1.98($0.272)/wp

Eging at RMB1.96($0.269)/wp

Longi at RMB2.05($0.281)/wp

Another 43MW modules to be delivered in 1Q22:

Jinko at RMB1.88($0.258)/wp

Eging at RMB1.96($0.269)/wp

Longi at RMB1.91($0.262)/wp

Beximco’s 200 MW Bangladeshi solar project to get LONGi’s HI-MO 5 series modules

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Brazil, Nepal, Spain, India (West Bengal)

Wednesday: Nepal, Thailand, India (West Bengal)

Thursday: Nepal, India (West Bengal)

Friday: India (Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra), Ukraine


In our report last week, Frank Haugwitz from AECEA (Asia Europe Clean Energy Advisory) shed light onto the current Chinese energy/carbon policies and how they impact PV installation and PV manufacturing activities.

Today China's NDRC made some announcements which will effect power prices w.e.f. 15th October onwards.

Read Frank's analysis to put the NDRC news in context and understand how it will affect PV.

Download his analysis here:

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