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SSX Daily News BLAST - 11/08/2021

Upcoming National Holidays

Thursday: Thailand

Monday: S.Korea

Tuesday: Indonesia

Zhonghuan increases wafer prices TODAY

170 µm: G12 RMB7.810/pc, M6 RMB4.880/pc, G1 RMB4.780/pc

(+9.7% for M6 since 3 weeks ago)

EU spot market sees dips in module prices

China’s renewable energy enterprises urged to build own or purchase peak-regulated energy storage capacity to boost installation and grid connection

US trade court endorses lowered duties on Chinese solar cells

Approved recalculation of international freight costs, antidumping duty margin cut from 15.85% to 5.08%

Heliene expands US production with second factory in Florida

Japan to reexamine solar development regulations after Atami landslide

Blockchain to drive Marubeni’s plans for used solar panel market in Japan

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