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SSX Daily News Blast - 11/01/2022

PV-info: China installation to reach 85GW in 2022, average module price ¥1.7-1.8/wp

UBS: China installation to reach 80GW in 2022, global installation boosted to 200GW by US and Europe

Cost of supply chain down, as well as the demand supported by China’s wind & PV large projects and rooftop solar policies cited.

ICRA: India on track to add 12.5GW of solar in 2022

Glass prices on the rise

Reasons: improved real estate industry (more demand for building glass), energy prices.

Yawang Energy Group to invest in green tech, of which 100kt industrial silicon + 100kt polysilicon

Toy maker Jiangxi Mubang to acquire wafer maker Hao'An Energy (3GW capa in Feb'22)

Car accessories maker Hainan Junda to switch focus to solar cell production

Haitai to raise funds for 2GW HJT R&D; 1GW module R&D; and other working capital

South Korea installed 4.4 GW of PV capacity in 2021

Canadian underground battery firm Hydrostor gets $250M boost from Goldman Sachs

Upcoming National Holidays

Wednesday: India (Kolkata)

Friday: India, Sri Lanka

Monday: USA, Sri Lanka

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