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SSX Daily News BLAST - 10/09/2021

Upcoming National Holidays

Thursday: Malaysia

Wafer shortage forces Chinese makers to suspend exports

Jiangsu Chengqing breaks ground on 1GW mono PV module production

Heliene announces 400MW additional module capa in the US for mono PERC

On top of last month's HJT new capa production start.

Production to start in June 2022.

Total Heliene capa in US to reach 900MW.

Australian startup SunDrive breaks world record cell efficiency 25.54%, ahead of Longi HJT at 25.26%

Jinko and Longyuan Power in JV for PV, wind and other renewable projects, targets >3GW

Ningbo City Housing Bureau sets targets for 2025: rooftop PV on >30% of existing buildings and 90% of new construction

Provides 12-month RMB0.3/kWh subsidy for rooftop PV installed 2021-2025

Sowitec makes USD996M foray into Brazil with 2GW of solar, wind

Brazil may add another 20 GW of distributed solar by 2030

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