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SSX Daily News BLAST - 09/08/2021

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: Singapore, Japan, South Africa

Tuesday: Malaysia, Indonesia

Thursday: Thailand

Next week Monday: S.Korea

No U.S. Subsidies for Dirty Solar Panels Made in China

Hemlock Semiconductor will hire temporary workers full time, nearly doubling its workforce

Ouhao Group to manufacture HJT cells/modules AND build HJT power plants

Manufacturing: 2.4GW in phase 1 (+2.4GW in phase 2)

PV Project: 800acres of HJT power plant; groundbreaking done on 05th Aug.

Vikram Solar, Waaree Energies looking to IPO

Linyang Venture Capital and Shanghai Shunhua JV: Shanghai Shunhua Linyang Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd.

research and develop, produce, sell, operate and maintain various types of electrolyzed water hydrogen production equipment

Sunrun's Lynn Jurich will step down as CEO this month

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