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SSX Daily News Blast - 09/03/2022

CNNC 6-7.5GW tender: average of Top6 makers for category "440-460W bifi" is ¥1.852($0.259)/wp

This procurement is a framework procurement, valid until February 28, 2023.

Highest rate of response for category "535-560W". Top6 makers average for this category in monofi is ¥1.841($0.258)/wp. Top6 makers average for this category in bifi is ¥1.864($0.261)/wp

10/27 respondents bid for "N type >555w" category. Average of Top6 makers (4/10 bids) is ¥1.93($0.27)/wp.

Shipping cost not included in bids (to add on average ¥0.02-0.03/wp for shipping cost).

Shuangliang produced 37.99M pcs of Mono wafers (≈0.28GW, assuming all M10) and sold 35.42M pcs (≈0.26GW) in 2021

Jiangsu Sunshine to set up subsidiary Cheng’An New Energy in Inner Mongolia

Production of semiconductor materials, ingots, wafers, solar cells and modules; power plant investments.

Jinko awarded PPA in 300MW solar PV project in Saudi Arabia

Construction scheduled 2022~2023.

Canadian Solar grows presence in Italy as largest developer after signing 84MWp PPA with Axpo Italia

Florida passes net metering bill that will obliterate rooftop solar in the state

Hearings on PV glass projects of 3 companies will be held

22 March, Nanjing City, with Xinyi, Flat, and Kaisheng

India Green hydrogen production cost estimated to be $5.5-$6/kg

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03 Mar 2022 [India] We are aiming for Green Hydrogen cost of $1 per Kg by 2030

“Our aim is to bring down the cost of green hydrogen to $2.5/kg by 2025 and $1/kg by 2030"

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Today: South Korea

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