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SSX Daily News Blast - 08/03/2022

LONGi raises M10 wafer price by 3%; G1 and M6 flat

Previous price update: 22 Feb

M10: ¥6.7/pc, +3.08% (+¥0.20/pc)

M6: ¥5.45/pc, no change.

G1: ¥5.25/pc, no change.

SPI Group 93MW tender: highest bid price @ ¥2.22($0.311)/wp in HJT division, lowest bid price @ ¥1.84($0.258)/wp in P-Type 210mm division

Modules to be delivered by batches in April. Noticeably:

  1. HJT bifacial modules have the lowest power, but highest average bid price;

  2. Bid prices of N-type bifacial 182mm modules significantly higher than those of N-type 210mm bifacial modules; and

  3. Bid prices of P-type 210mm bifacial modules in this tender almost equal to those of 182mm bifacial modules opened by other SOEs recently.

Bid prices for each division:

  • Div 1: HJT bifacial 470W+, 18MW @ ¥1.98~2.2/wp, average ¥2.06/wp;

  • Div 2: N-Type 210mm bifacial 680W+, 25MW @ ¥1.953~2.025/wp, average ¥1.986/wp;

  • Div 3: N-type 182mm bifacial 555W+, 25MW @ ¥1.945~2.2/wp, average ¥2.0488/wp; and

  • Division 4: P-type 210mm bifacial 590W+, 25MW @ ¥1.84~1.925/wp, average ¥1.886/wp.

Huadian 15GW tender: average P mono ¥1.859($0.261)/wp

≥530Wp, 1GW of mono-facial single-glass and 14GW of bifacial double-glass

  • Winning bid 1: LONGi @ ¥1.876/wp for 5.5GW

  • Winning bid 2: JA @ ¥1.869/wp for 4.5GW

  • Winning bid 3:Huansheng @ ¥1.814/wp for 2.5GW

  • Winning bid 4: Jinko @ ¥1.897/wp for 1.5GW

  • Winning bid 5: Trina @ ¥1.877/wp for 1GW

Highest bid @ ¥1.897/wp by Jinko are for N-type TOPCon modules.

France’s inaugural C&I rooftop tender: average price @ €83.12/MWh ($90.38)

Jinko seals deal to supply 100MW of modules to Yemen, half of which are N-type TOPCon

Vikram Solar elects new COO: Rajendra Kumar Parakh

Parakh has been CFO at the module manufacturer since 2017.

Upcoming National Holidays

Wednesday: South Korea

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