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SSX Daily News BLAST - 07/10/2021

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: China, Cambodia

Monday: South Korea, Taiwan, USA

Tuesday: Brazil, Nepal, Spain, India (West Bengal)

Wednesday: Nepal, Thailand, India (West Bengal)

It's the last day of holiday in China.

It's quiet, but one can feel the tension.

Be prepared for one a Q4 ride!

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Trina issuing FM clause for module non-delivery?

can't access the article.. in case you can:

Baden-Württemberg, Germany, makes mandatory to have PV on the roofs of all new houses

Mingyang signed investment for 5GW HJT cell production plant

Cf. blast of 1st Sep.

TSEC investing NT$1bn in solar module capacity

Vietnam IREX unveils PV module for agrivoltaics

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