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SSX Daily News Blast - 04/04/2022

Zhonghuan raises wafer prices ~+2.2% MoM

Previous price update: 4 Mar

(160μm thickness)

G1 wafer @ ¥5.74/pc, +2.5% MoM (+¥0.14/pc)

M6 wafer @ ¥5.64/pc, +2.55% MoM (+¥0.14/pc)

M10 wafer @ ¥6.79/pc, +2.11% MoM (+¥0.14/pc)

G12 wafer @ ¥9.05/pc, +2.26% MoM (+¥0.2/pc)

218.2mm wafer @ ¥9.77/pc, +2.2% MoM (+¥0.21/pc).

Production costs for cell and module manufacturers to rise by about ¥0.02/W, which is expected to be reflected in modules prices later.

Commerce sends out questionnaires to solar manufacturers in 4 SE Asian countries

Information includes Chinese wafers, silane, silver paste, solar glass, aluminum frames, junction boxes, EVA sheets and backsheets used in exported cells and modules.

Thailand intends to lodge protest against US Commerce’s AntiCirc investigations

Sembcorp, Enfinity, JSW Group shortlisted in Myrtah Energy acquisition

1 million farms in Thailand to be outfitted with solar panels

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: China, Taiwan, Pakistan

Tuesday: China, Taiwan

Wednesday: Thailand

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