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SSX Daily News Blast - 04/03/2022

SDIC 103MW tender for 182mm bifacial double-glass ≥540Wp announces shortlist:

  • No. 1: Jinko @ ¥1.86/wp

  • No. 2: Longi @ ¥1.885/wp

  • No. 3: JA @ ¥1.88/wp

SDIC Dunhuang 46.251MW project: batch 1 (20%) before 30 Apr, batch 2 (20%) before 31 May, and batch 3 (60%) before 20 Jun.

SDIC Guazhou North Bridge 50MW project: batch 1 (30%) before 15 Mar, batch 2 (40%) before 31 Mar, and batch 3 (30%) before 20 Apr.

Huaneng 1.3MW tender for DG project in Hebei Province shortlist:

  • No. 1: Huayang Group (Yangquan) @ ¥1.87/wp

  • No. 2: Jinko @ ¥1.95/wp

Project plans for power generation on roofs of government offices and schools within Luquan District.

Construction period: 25 days. Specific delivery time is not disclosed.

Guangxi Jingfei Energy kicks off 1GW module production in Guangxi

  • Phase 1: 1GW modules with an investment of ¥150M.

  • Phase 2: 3GW modules with an investment of ¥400M.

The specific timeline is not disclosed.

Solar start-up Carbon to set up 5GW PV module production facility in France by 2025, targets tripled capacity by 2030

IEA urges Europe to wean itself off Russian gas amidst Ukraine incursion

Russian attacks in conflict zone creating shipping chaos

Upcoming National Holidays

Wednesday: South Korea

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