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SSX Daily News Blast - 03 Jan 2022


May it be filled with health and joyous moments to share with your loved ones.

Zhonghuan wafer price down by 8% since 2nd Dec for G12 and 218.2mm

160um G1@¥5/pc (-1%); M6@¥4.9/pc (-1%); M10@¥5.7/pc (-6.5%); G12@¥7.7/pc (-8%); 218.2mm@¥8.31/pc (-8%).

2021 China PV installations likely to exceed 60GW

December's new installed capacity is likely to exceed 25GW.

35GW in November + 25GW in December =60GW

GCL to construct 15GW Module Factory in Hefei

Also planning 10GW TOPCon Cell Factory (Phase I 5GW) in Leshan; timeline not disclosed.

CNPC announces winners of 4.5GW PV module procurement tender on 31 Dec

Division 1: 2.6GW, module power 445-455W (19.23%) and 540W and above (80.77%);

Weighted average winning price RMB1.8878($0.2627)/Wp.

Division 2: 1.1GW, module power 445-455W (27.27%) and 540W and above (72.72%);

Weighted average winning price RMB1.8938($0.2635)/Wp.

Division 3: 0.8GW, module power 445-455W (25%) and 540W and above (75%);

Weighted average winning price RMB1.8705($0.2603)/Wp.

NB: GCL bid and won 30% of Division 3 @RMB1.765($0.2456)/Wp, significantly lower than other winners and other divisions.

No specific delivery time. Price adjustment mechanism.

Xinjiang East Hope gets go ahead for 60kt polysilicon project, construction to commence in April 2022

DAS Solar cuts the ribbon with first pricing announcements of 2022 for N-type cells and modules

Mono N-type 182mm bifacial cells (mainstream efficiency > 24.5%) at RMB1.21/W, USD0.169/W;

Mono N-type 182mm bifacial double-glass modules (mainstream power > 550W) at RMB 1.99/W, USD0.278/W.

Longi Malaysia new 3.3GW cell line to commence production in March

Total cell capa in Malaysia would then reach 8GW.

Risen to invest USD7 billion in integrated PV production facility outside Xinjiang

Construction divided into 2 phases; targeted annual production capacity of 200kt industrial silicon, 150kt polysilicon, 10GW solar cells, 3GW modules

Philippines sees SPNEC break ground on 500MWp solar farm in Luzon

Upcoming National Holidays

Tuesday: Russia

Wednesday: Russia

Thursday: Russia, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Italy

Friday: Russia, Urkraine, Palestine, Kazakhstan, Cambodia

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