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SSX Daily News Blast - 02/05/2022

OCI Malaysia secures long-term polysilicon supply with Hanwha Solutions

10 yrs contract, starting July 2024

Asia Silicon withdraws IPO application

CubicPV, Waaree sign 1GW/yr cell supply deal for 5 yrs

US-based CubicPV will supply 1 GW of Direct Wafer silicon solar cells per year to Indian manufacturer Waaree Energies under a 5year contract.

Das Solar to reach 30GW capa cell and module before end 2025

Das Solar successfully completed a new round of financing.

Further consolidating its position as the industry leader in N-type PV technology.

Solar panel glut causing messy ‘false economy’ in Australia

Shell to acquire Sprng Energy group, one of India’s leading renewable power platforms

Wood Mackenzie Scales Renewable Markets Data Reach as Canadian Solar Joins Lens Power Development Partner Program

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, South Africa, Spain, UK

Tuesday: China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Turkey, Poland

Wednesday: China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Turkey

Thursday: Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Bangladesh

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