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SSX Daily News BLAST - 01/12/2021

REC to order 400MW HJT line from Maxwell for Singapore production

Following the 400MW order, REC also issued 6GW bid invitations to major suppliers (including India's 4GW + Singapore's 1.8GW), and plans to start production at the end of 2022. REC is also preparing to reach 15GW of HJT production capacity in 2023, including 10GW in India and 5GW in Singapore.

630kW multi module China tender awarded at RMB1.66 ($0.231)/wp

DAH Solar fully acquires wafer maker Jingtian New Energy

Expanding DAH’s PV supply chain with ~1.5GW/yr wafer capa.

Jinko reports 4.993GW of shipment in Q3, incl 4.671GW modules, 322MW cells and wafers; down 4% QoQ and down 2.4% YoY

Large-sized module nearly 50% of shipments in Q3, up from <20% in 1H2021.

Q4 shipments est. 7.3~ 8.8GW.

2021 total shipment est. 22.8~24.3GW.

Zhonghuan GM: demetallisation is the right path for cell technology

Aurora Announces Wafer Tracking System Cooperation with China Baibart

Germany allocates 510MW of PV in latest tender, average volume-weighted award value 5.00ct/kWh

Tender was oversubscribed with 232 bids totaling 986MW.

Koch expands its solar reach with EPC firm acquisition

2022 outlook: total 220-230GW; of which China 70GW, US 40GW, India 15GW

Germany 10GW; Australia 10GW; JP and SK 14GW together

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: UAE

Thursday: UAE

Friday: UAE

Monday: Thailand, Spain, Italy

Next week Wednesday: Philippines, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Chile (and many more)

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