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SSX Daily News Blast 01/04/2022

N-type cells and modules, prices unchanged MoM

182mm bifacial cells (mainstream efficiency > 24.5%) @¥1.25/wp ($0.177/wp); +3.3% YtD

182mm bifacial double-glass modules (mainstream power > 550W) @¥2.03/wp ($0.287/wp); +2% YtD

Tongwei to invest in 32GW cell production in Sichuan

Phase 1: 16GW @ ¥6bn, target to start production before end Dec 2023;

Phase 2: 16GW @ ¥6bn, to be launched at an appropriate time according to the agreement.

Yingfa Solar to invest in 20GW cell project in Sichuan

Phase 1 kicks off with 10GW cell production costing ¥5.5bn.

EU will do "whatever it takes" to rebuild solar manufacturing

SunPower looks to partner First Solar on developing panels for resi rooftops

India imported $3.447bn of cells in Apr 2021~Jan 2022, up from $572M last FY

Flat Glass to build 4 PV glass projects in Anhui with 1.2kt daily melting capacity

Demand for glass picking up but inventories continuing to build

Demand expected to pick up in Apr with gradual recovery of shipments and replenishment by market.

As of 29 Mar, total inventory of production enterprises at 56.2M boxes (+36.28% MoM) and worth 27.15 inventory days.

Upcoming National Holidays

Today: India

Monday: China, Taiwan, Pakistan

Tuesday: China, Taiwan

Wednesday: Thailand