SSX Solar Index and Forward Curves

Our weekly Solar Price Index Report provides you with valuable insights about the latest spot prices and market sentiments guiding future directions of the solar market.

Additionally, the PRO version offers you access to historical data for the key market segments.

28 Oct 2021

SSI Spot Index

SSXIndex Oct28 Oct 2021.png.jpg

**Average price of Non-Chinese polysilicon (3:1 weight for Non-US polysilicon volumes not subjected to the Chinese AD)
*Average Price of Multi and Mono Perc modules prices FOB China (20:80 weightage based on multi and mono modules estimated market share)

CMM Historical Data

CMM Oct2021_edited_edited.jpg

**Average Price of Multi and Mono Perc modules prices FOB China
*Adjustment has been made in Sep 2020, 20:80 weightage based on multi and mono modules estimated market share

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With more than 10 years of uninterrupted publication, SSX Morning Ray - Solar Spot & Forward Pricing Report provides critical information to businesses who need to: 1) plan and strategise their supply chain with insider-grade price information, and 2) keep a broad view on the PV industry trends but backed by straightforward numbers.

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Torgeir Ulset

Business Development Manager


"SSX Morning Ray is an expertly curated highlight of the weekly PV news and a valuable, impartial analysis of the solar pricing trends throughout the value chain. I highly recommend it to anyone closely following the PV market trends!"

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SSX Spot Price Index & Forward Pricing

Data is collected from SSX transactions, SSX bids and offers from/to the market, partner transactions, and other market information, with 4 key indicators:

  • Current Price

  • 1 Week forward pricing

  • 1 Month forward pricing

  • 3 Months forward pricing

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The Spot Price Covers:

  • Polysilicon

  • Wafers

  • Cells

  • Modules

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SSX Polysilicon Marker (PLM)


Our very own unique benchmark for polysilicon price in the PV industry. PLM is a weighted average of international polysilicon that is subjected to import duties into China on the one hand and international polysilicon that is not subjected to import duties into China.

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SSX Chinese Modules Marker (CMM)

Also unique to our own reports is CMM, an index for FOB China modules price.

CMM is a weighted average of multi and mono PERC panels, on an FOB China basis.

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SSX Polysilicon Forward Pricing

Our forward prices for polysilicon reflect CFR Asia and China Domestic Market polysilicon spot prices in 1 week, 1 month and 3 months ahead.

The price assessments are based on industry players’ market sentiments.

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SSX Modules Forward Pricing

Our forward prices for solar panels represent a collective market players’ view on where the spot pricing will be next week, in 1 month, and in 3 months.

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Balanced Pool of supply and demand

Our sources cover the whole value chain of the solar industry, from polysilicon manufacturers to C&I/and large-scale solar IPPs worldwide.





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