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Solar Broadcast on WhatsApp

In this fast-changing PV solar industry, we know how important it is to stay updated with the most important news, in the fastest and shortest way possible.


Let our SOLAR BROADCAST help you save precious time trawling the Internet and social media platforms for news updates and breaking headlines! Sign up now!

The broadcast messages will be sent out once or twice a day on average, depending on the market activity level.

Topics covered:

  • China Market Updates (in English) (China Market news. For example latest module bidding results for large domestic PV projects; price increase from large wafer makers; new Chinese policy, etc.)

  • Breaking News (Market moving news. For example price increase; new capa expansion announcement; supply deal ; incident at production plant; etc.)

  • General news (For example a new forecast of global PV installation by a large research firm; infographics; Top 10 classifications; etc. Once or twice a day at most.)



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it free?
SSX Solar Broadcast is provided to those who have already subscribed to SSX Morning Ray PRO.


2. How many messages will I receive?

You will receive maximum 2 blasts (messages) per weekday. On the rare days there is no news updates, you will receive no messages.

3. How can I unsubscribe?

Just reply to us via Whatsapp to let us know that you wish to unsubscribe. You may re-subscribe at any time.

4. Can I comment on the blasts?
Yes, you are welcome to reply to the blast if you have any comments.

5. Will the other subscribers see my messages if I reply to the blast?
No, only SSX will receive your message. 
The other subscribers will not receive your message.

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