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Singapore Solar Exchange (SSX) operates a global solar panel derivatives broking service.

SSX also provides forward curves for FOB China solar panels.

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What does Singapore Solar Exchange do?

SSX provides producers, developers, risk managers and institutions with a single comprehensive source for price information and liquidity. The brokerage team offers insight and expertise to customers with information, anonymity and access to liquidity.

SSX is committed to enhancing liquidity and systematic risk management for the solar market.

SSX is a brokerage firm matching buyers and sellers of solar derivatives contracts. We are a neutral party with no proprietary interest in its brokers' deals. Our business performance is exclusively measured by the quality of information, price discovery and trading liquidity we bring to our clients.

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Since its incorporation in 2010, Singapore Solar Exchange (SSX) has connected the global PV industry through spot physical trades.


From 2010, when we pioneered spot trading in PV materials, until 2022, SSX traded polysilicon, wafers, cells and modules with its network of buyers and sellers in the spot market. Based on these trades, SSX developed a solar price index that was sold in 2022 to OPIS, a Dow Jones company.

Amid supply chain issues resulting in higher price volatility across the solar value chain, SSX expanded its business scope to solar swaps brokerage. Solar swaps (financial derivatives contracts) will immensely help to de-risk solar projects. 

Sakura YAMASAKI, Founder and CEO

Sakura started SSX in 2010 while she was Head of Business Development at Ginga Petroleum, the world's largest independent energy commodity financial brokerage company. 

By providing timely market information and bringing sensible deals to her customers, she pioneered the solar spot trading market. 

After a short detour back at Ginga Petroleum as an LNG swaps broker, she came back in 2018 to continue SSX's development. 

Sakura grew up in Lyon, France. After finishing her BA studies in Japan, she continued to The Netherlands for her MA, and to Belgium and Switzerland for her PhD in political science. She has been living in Singapore since 2008. 

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Past Events

SSX Drinks April 2023, Clarke Quay, Singapore

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