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Singapore Solar Exchange Pte Ltd (SSX) is a leading provider of solar pricing transparency.

Led by a group of dedicated solar materials traders, we offer smart, innovative services to hundreds of clients worldwide.


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What We Do

Buy/Sell polysilicon, wafers, cells, modules.

Smart and reliable solutions are at the core of all that we do at Singapore Solar Exchange Pte Ltd. 

To buy or sell solar materials, just let us know your requirements and we'll suggest you the best solutions to suit your needs. We handle polysilicon, wafers, solar cells and modules.
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Remain updated with SSX publications

Every thursday SSX publishes a report (click on the link to download a sample) comprising of:

  • The SSX Morning Ray is a must-read industry newsletter which summarises all the major news which shaped the industry during the past week.

  • The Singapore Solar Index (SSI) is a spot price index for polysilicon, wafers, solar cells and solar modules.

  • The Polysilicon Forward Pricing gives insights on the industry's polysilicon pricing sentiment for the coming months.

  • The Modules Forward Pricing gives insights on the industry's modules pricing sentiment for the coming months. 

Forward Modules Report, 500/2020, 04 June

SSX Morning Ray has reached its 500th issue!

Thank you for your support throughout all these years and we hope to be sending you our Newsletter in the many more to come!

Annual subscription @ USD 2,000 (per company). 


On top of the weekly reports, we also send out periodically executed market sentiment snapshots (industry survey on technology, pricing, policies, regional demands, etc.).  

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