Singapore Solar EXchange (SSX)

SSX is the world's first online portal designed specially to facilitate the trading of solar cells, wafers and polysilicon on the open market.

The cells, wafers and polysilicon markets have matured considerably and consistently over the last few years. This evolution is driven by the solid growth of the solar energy industry - the future of clean renewable energy.

At Singapore Solar Exchange we understand the importance of cells, wafers and polysilicon as crucial materials in the early stages of the solar energy industry value chain.

We have dedicated our business to ensure that these materials can now be readily obtainable on the open spot market. Our proprietary trading platform (WAPX) caters to the needs of both buyers and sellers.

To learn more about the SSX Trading Platform (WAPX), or if you have any enquiries please contact us at info@ssx.com.sg.

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