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Singapore Solar Exchange - solar panels

Latest Solar Panel Prices, Market Trends & Industry Reports

Singapore Solar Exchange - Leading Provider of Solar Price Transparency

Who We Are

Founded in 2010, Singapore Solar Exchange Pte Ltd (SSX) has become one of the top providers of weekly PV spot price and PV market intelligence.

The company is led by a group of dedicated solar materials traders. We offer cost effective and reliable services to hundreds of clients worldwide.


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What We Do

solar prices report

SSX Morning Ray Newsletter
Weekly Solar Spot & Forward Pricing Report

Better plan and optimise your operation and supply chain activities with our Weekly Newsletter, SSX Morning Ray. We provide you with critical information about the solar energy industry such as latest solar panel price, PV cell, solar wafers, polysilicon price and expert opinions.

solar material trading

Solar material trading platform

A flexible and fuss-free buy/sell platform specialised in PV solar materials. Members list their offers or needs for PV cells, panels or inverters, and deal directly with their supplier/buyer.

We currently offer 0% commission and handling fee as a launching promotion.

What People Say About Us

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Torgeir Ulset
Business Development Manager


"SSX Morning Ray is an expertly curated highlight of the weekly PV news and a valuable, impartial analysis of the solar pricing trends throughout the value chain. I highly recommend it to anyone closely following the PV market trends!"

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Henning Schulze
Corporate Assistant President


“The SSX weekly solar report combines a very good overview and summary of industry news from different sources as well as price trends and outlook from first-hand sources. It condenses a lot of valuable information into short reading time.”


Olubamise Akinbusoya

Procurement Leader


“The SSX weekly solar report is a key and valuable information source for market evolution and price trends.

It provides a regular connection with the overall solar industry, clear insights and sharp explanation.

It is even more appreciated during this difficult period when exhibitions are cancelled and interaction with the industry limited.”

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